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With all the variables to consider when running a business or managing a community, one of the most critical areas is sometimes neglected. Our underground infrastructure is critical in ensuring that our communities and businesses can operate without disruption, but how do you know when underground pipelines may have an issue? Do you wait for a surface depression in the roadway or in a yard, creating a hazard for pedestrians? Do you wait for sewage back up into your community or business, creating a hazardous situation for residents?

Proactive maintenance, such as pipeline cleaning and internal inspection, are methods that help ensure the underground pipelines are in proper working condition and deficiencies are identified before becoming major issues.

What benefit do you gain from proactive maintenance?

Like any issue in life, if caught early on, the remedy and action to correct the issue is typically less costly and less impactful on the community or business. With proactive maintenance, Atlantic Pipe Services can evaluate pipe systems, identify defect areas, and perform INTERNAL repairs to systems, which saves the community money on costly dig-ups and avoids disruption to communities.

How often should you evaluate your commercial pipes?

Yearly or bi-annual internal evaluations are suggested to ensure the long-term integrity of your pipe systems. This helps to identify the minor issues before they turn into major problems, which typically require more invasive and costly procedures to address.

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