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Manholes – those mysterious metal circles punctuating streets – are often shrouded in misconception. From alligators lurking below to questionable weight capacities, these myths can create unnecessary fear and misunderstanding. Let’s shed some light on these common myths and explore the reality of manhole systems and the role of professional manhole repair services.

Myth #1: Manholes Lead to Sewer Systems

Actuality: Not all manholes connect to sewer lines. While some do provide access points for sewer and storm pipe repair in Jacksonville, FL, others serve storm drains. Storm drains collect rainwater runoff and channel it away from streets and buildings, preventing flooding.

Myth #2: There Are Dangerous Creatures That Live Down There

Actuality: If this were true, then sewer pipe repair just got a bit more challenging! But the truth is that while the occasional critter might find its way in, alligators and other large animals are not common residents of manholes as the environment is simply not suitable for them.

Myth #3: Manhole Covers Can’t Support Your Weight

Actuality: Manhole covers are actually designed to withstand a significant amount of weight, including vehicles. However, it’s important to never tamper with or remove a cover yourself.

Myth #4: Lifting a Manhole Cover Releases Toxic Fumes

Actuality: Modern sewer systems vent harmful gases safely. While there may be odors present, lifting a manhole cover is unlikely to release a toxic cloud. It’s perfectly understandable to not want open manhole systems, which makes trenchless rehabilitation methods such as CIPP pipe lining ideal since there’s no need to fully open the system.

The Reality of Manhole Maintenance

Manholes are crucial for maintaining healthy sewer and storm drain systems. Regular inspections and repairs ensure these systems function properly.

Keeping Jacksonville Pipes Healthy

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