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Large diameter pipes are an integral aspect of commercial, municipal, and industrial infrastructure. Although these pipes are engineered to last for years, they’re not impervious to problems. Fortunately, Atlantic Pipe Services offers a wide range of sewer pipe repair services, including storm pipe repair in Orlando, FL.

Atlantic Pipe Services specializes in addressing issues that commonly affect large-diameter pipes, including:


Even the sturdiest large-diameter pipes are bound to corrode over time. In some cases, corrosion can happen at a faster rate if the water pH is too low or the water is highly oxygenated. Hard water, high temperatures, and debris can also cause large-diameter pipes to erode. Aging large-diameter lines are more likely to succumb to corrosion as well. Luckily, our sewer pipe repair services can help you restore your corroded pipes.

Pipe Collapsing

When large-diameter pipes are installed, the surrounding soil loses its support and starts shrinking away from the pipe. This shift causes your pipes to dislocate and eventually collapse. Collapsed pipes can pose health risks and cause extensive property damage that would require a lot of time and money to clean, and it’s usually something that a simple pipe or manhole repair cannot address.

Accidentally Being Dug Up

Despite their size, large pipes can still be dug up accidentally, especially when pipe locator services were not utilized. When pipes are unintentionally dug up and damaged, they can become cracked, and in some cases, they can completely burst.

Faulty Installation

There’s a lot of calculation that goes into the installation of large-diameter pipes, and there’s very little room for error. That being said, one wrong aspect of the procedure can spell disaster for commercial and industrial pipes. While some issues can readily be remedied via CIPP pipe lining means, faulty pipe installation can have far more serious consequences that require complete pipe replacement.

Our experts have the experience and equipment needed to quickly rehabilitate leaking, broken, or cracked large-diameter pipes. Contact Atlantic Pipe Services for professional pipe restoration solutions.

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