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Avoid the stress when you are in need of pipe repairs and turn to Atlantic Pipe Services for a trenchless alternative. Thanks to trenchless technology your commercial, industrial, or municipal sewer lines can be fully restored without the need for extensive and costly excavation. We also specialize in:

Signs You Need Trenchless Pipe Repair

Faulty Storm Drains or Sanitary Sewer Pipes can lead to major issues in roadways and easements throughout neighborhoods, parking lots, roadways, and major highways. Infiltration into underground pipelines is often times the main cause of surface damage. Making the proper repairs such as CIPP pipe lining within the pipelines or connecting structures will ensure that you do not end up making multiple, recurring repairs on the surface.

  • Drains not flowing properly
  • Surface damage in roadways or grassy areas
  • Sinking around Storm Drains
  • Standing Water in Roadways or Grassy Areas
  • Major Infiltration into Sewage Plants (Processing More Water than Purchasing)

The Trenchless Pipe Repair Process

Problems within sewers, storm drains, and structures come in many forms and are located within many different pipe sizes. Hence, there is not a singular “best practice” for performing sewer or storm pipe repair services. With this in mind, Atlantic Pipe Services specializes in a myriad of different repair measures. The most effective repair depends on the problem, the location of the problem, the number of problems, and the size of the pipe the problem resides within. Taking all these factors into account, Atlantic Pipe Services professional team of rehabilitation specialist will employ one of the following repair processes:

  • CIPP Manhole to Manhole Lining
  • CIPP Sectional Liner (Partial Liner)
  • Pressure Grouting
  • Mechanical Joint Seal
  • Quicklock Installation (Stainless Steel Band)
  • Manhole Rehabilitation
  • Lateral Lining
  • Root Removal
  • Chemical Root Treatment

The Pipe Repair Matrix

It is crucial when selecting a trenchless pipe repair process that you allow yourself enough flexibility in the decision-making process to ensure that the most appropriate repair method can be utilized. That being said, the resource most commonly referred to is the FDOT Pipe Repair Matrix. While this tool is not the only deciding factor, it is a great resource to offer up solutions for many scenarios. If you are not familiar with the FDOT Pipe Repair Matrix, please follow this link to see what FDOT guidance currently recommends:

This is a useful guide and a great reference point when deciding on trenchless pipe repairs. Ultimately, an engineer always issues final approval on proposed repairs. Our teams are extremely familiar with the FDOT repair matrix and are always available to discuss different repair methods for each individual deficiency within a pipeline. Reach out to us today to start the conversation and path to resolution.

Benefits of Trenchless Pipe Repair

Pipes, Structures, and Manholes that require repair oftentimes lie under roadways, sidewalks, curbs, or driveways. The bottom line is that dig-ups can be very expensive and can disturb traffic patterns, residents, and the environment. The Trenchless Repair Methods that Atlantic Pipe Services offer is an effective and money-saving method to remedy problems within pipes without disturbing the surface.

For years, our trusted pipe lining company has been performing manhole repair and trenchless repairs within neighborhoods, parking lots, city roads, and major highways. Our team is very knowledgeable and always keeps in mind local, county, and state guidelines and specifications.

FAQs on Trenchless Pipe Repairs

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