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Manhole rehabilitation is the process of restoring or upgrading existing manhole systems to improve their operational efficiency and extend their lifespan. This involves addressing common issues such as corrosion, structural damage, infiltration, and exfiltration, which could compromise the functionality and safety of the manhole.

The Different Techniques Used

Several techniques are employed in manhole rehabilitation, including:

  • Cementitious Lining

    This involves the application of a layer of cementitious material to the inner surface of the manhole to restore its structural integrity and protect against corrosion. It's a cost-effective method typically used for minor structural repairs.

  • Epoxy Coating

    This method involves applying a corrosion-resistant epoxy coating to the interior of the manhole. This technique is especially useful in situations where the manhole is subjected to harsh chemicals or conditions that could cause rapid deterioration.

  • Grouting

    This technique is used to prevent groundwater from entering the manhole system. The method involves sealing leaks and cracks in the manhole using grouts, sealants, and other infiltration control systems. This is critical for maintaining the efficiency of the wastewater system and reducing unnecessary treatment costs.

The Steps We Take

Addressing the issues in manhole rehabilitation requires a well-structured approach that combines assessment, planning, and execution. Here are the steps in which we use to decide our approach.

Comprehensive Assessment: The first step is to thoroughly assess the condition of the manholes that need rehabilitation. This includes identifying structural damage, corrosion, infiltration, etc. We do an internal inspection to pinpoint problem areas.

1. Prioritize: After the assessment, we prioritize the manholes that need urgent attention. Factors like the extent of damage, risk of failure, impact on the overall system, and cost implications are considered when prioritizing.

2. Choosing the Right Method: Depending on the issues identified, choose the most suitable method for each manhole. For Storm system repairs, cementitious lining may be sufficient. For sanitary systems severe corrosion, epoxy coating is generally needed to extend the years on a manhole's life. If there's heavy infiltration, sealing techniques would be used to ensure there are no issues with the adhesion of the liners.

3. Training: APS team members are well-trained in the various rehabilitation techniques. This includes understanding the materials used, the application process, safety measures, and post-rehabilitation inspection.

4. Implementation: APS executes the rehabilitation process systematically. Consider temporary traffic control (if the manhole is in a busy area), dispose of any waste materials properly, and ensure minimal disruption to the surrounding environment and the public.

5. Quality Control: After the rehabilitation process, it's important to conduct quality checks. This helps confirm that the rehabilitation has been done correctly and the manhole is now in a good condition. APS utilizes wet film thickness gauges to ensure the coatings are applied to the correct thickness. We also use an organized approach that allows APS to communicate progress updates throughout the duration of the project.

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At Atlantic Pipe Services, a leading pipe lining company, we specialize in offering comprehensive manhole rehabilitation in the entire state of Florida. With over two decades of industry expertise and cutting-edge technology at our disposal, we're committed to delivering top-notch solutions. Our certified crew always conducts precise and reliable inspections, providing detailed reports. We maintain stringent quality control and assurance processes to not only meet our high standards but also exceed your expectations. Whether you represent a commercial, municipal, industrial, or government entity in Florida, we strictly adhere to NASSCO's highest standards.

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