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corroded manhole cover

There are many different types of manhole damage that can occur, either over time or when disasters strike. If your responsibilities as a property owner or manager involves overseeing manhole repair service appointments, then knowing what to look out for is an advantage.

At Atlantic Pipe Services, we don’t just offer storm pipe repair in Orlando, FL. We also specialize in manhole repairs. Below are some examples of the different types of damage that a utility manhole can sustain. 


Corrosion is most commonly caused by water or chemical exposure. If you notice any sign of corrosion on your utility hole covers, it’s probably starting to corrode on the inside as well, if not worse. If the damage is severe, CIPP pipe lining might be one of your best options. 


Cracks can occur for various reasons, but they are most commonly caused by ground movement or temperature changes. If you are keen enough, you will quickly notice the cracks on the manhole covers.

Severe damage can only be taken care of by a manhole and sewer pipe repair expert.


Just like cracks, leaks are commonly caused by ground movement or temperature changes. In the beginning, the leaks might not be noticeable. However, with time, the damages become clear and demand professional attention. In some cases, replacement of the entire maintenance hole done by an expert might be necessary. If the leaks do warrant repairs, you can never go wrong turning to Atlantic Pipe Services.

Structural Failure

Structural failure can occur for various reasons, but it is most commonly caused by ground movement or temperature changes. In case of structural failures on your manhole covers, inspect the damages before taking any step.

If you notice any of these types of damages, it is advisable to act immediately. Ignoring the problem can result in costly repairs or worse, accidents. This is why it’s best to contact us at the first sign of manhole damage.

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