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Large diameter pipes can end up becoming compromised by weather elements or other factors such as roots of surrounding trees, corrosion, or standard wear and tear after prolonged use. So when signs of damage start to make themselves known, the necessary pipe lining services should be implemented. Let our team restore the quality of these pipes through our trenchless pipe lining service.

Atlantic Pipe Services is one of the leading pipe lining companies in Florida. We know that trenchless pipe lining can be an effective way of addressing pipe issues. But before we recommend this particular service, we consider the following factors first.

Location of the Anchor Pipe

Is your pipe under or above ground? Underground pipes and above-ground pipes are both vulnerable to the respective factors and elements that can compromise their stability. Pipes situated deeper in the ground require thicker epoxies to strengthen them against deformation brought on by the weight of the soil. On the other hand, pipes that are above the ground can be lined with thinner epoxies because they are not subjected to the same detrimental factors as their underground counterparts.

The Diameter of the Pipe

The diameter of your pipe as well as the strength and thickness of the ring determine its ability to withstand external pressure. Some large diameter pipes have thinner rings, making them more susceptible to deflection.

Length of the Pipe

Longer pipes are prone to bending brought about by the pressure and, well, length. If bending occurrence exceeds your pipe’s capacity, the pipe can fracture or crack. In addition, if your piping has numerous deflections because of the land’s structure, there might be stress buildup in your pipe, causing it to collapse.

Condition of the Pipe

We inspect the affected pipes to determine how much they have been compromised and their capacity to carry water or waste. Pipes that are more damaged will require thicker epoxies and larger lining materials. The same criteria apply when you need storm pipe lining; we always check the condition of the pipes first.

Once we’ve ascertained that your pipes are eligible for pipe lining, only then would we recommend the ever-efficient CIPP lining installation, one of the services we offer. It is a technique commonly used to restore water and sewer pipes of all diameters. When the lining has hardened, the rubber fitting is punctured and removed. The lining that has been put in place protects the original pipe from the elements that caused it to be compromised in the first place. 

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