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History of Pipe Lining

Atlantic Pipe Services has been specializing in trenchless pipe lining in Jacksonville, FL for years now, helping countless property owners and managers keep their pipelines functioning optimally. We take pride in our highly efficient trenchless solutions, and we’d like to share how this particular method became the leading pipe rehabilitation option that we’ve come to know today.

Pipe Lining Origins

Commonly known as CIPP pipe lining, this repair technique was first introduced in 1971 in the UK by Eric Wood, an agricultural engineer. The first instance of pipe lining was borne out of the need to fix an air duct over a mushroom bed, which entailed dealing with about a few hundred feet of pipes. (230 feet, to be exact).

Thus, he came up with a trenchless technology, which involved pulling epoxy or resin saturated felt liner through the damaged pipeline. The liner would then be expanded using air to fit the contours of the pipe. The adhesive will then “cure” or harden. But this trenchless solution’s drawback also lay in its success.

Since it was such a new way to repair pipes, cities and municipalities are still on the fence about it. Moreover, no other contractors were offering it. As a result, pipe lining’s potential encountered a roadblock. But Wood persevered and he went on to become the leader and catalyst of the pipe rehabilitation industry.


It wasn’t until 1980 that an engineering company pioneered pipe bursting used for sewer repairs, developing into what we now know as sewer pipe lining.

Wood’s patent over the pipe lining prototype expired in the mid-1990s, giving way to other pipe lining companies. Today, pipe lining is used for a wide variety of pipe rehabilitation applications such as storm pipe lining and trenchless pipe lining, among many others.

Atlantic Pipe Services is proud to take part in the proliferation of this technology. Contact us today to learn more about pipe lining and how it can help you.

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