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There’s more to manholes than just those round, metal covers that pedestrians see on roads. A manhole is actually a subterranean space built to accommodate or provide drainage or sewage system access. This makes maintenance, cleaning, and restoration tasks such as sewer pipe repair easier to carry out. If the maintenance hole is damaged, it will affect other drainage system components.

Most manholes are constructed of durable materials like concrete, but over time, deterioration happens. In the event of a compromised manhole, here’s how Atlantic Pipe Services carries out the manhole repair process.

Preparing the Surface

The steel and concrete components of the manhole must be prepared thoroughly. For one, the loose materials from the substrate can be removed using techniques like pressure washing. The pH of the concrete should be checked to ensure it is free of contaminants that might damage the drainage system. The process is done when performing services like storm pipe repair in Orlando, FL.

Grout Injection and Cement Application

Using trenchless technology, such as CIPP pipe lining to inject grout, is an alternative to digging up the area around the manhole’s exterior. Chemical grout injection is done to effectively seal off any gaps in the structure that may result in leaks and infiltration. Our team also utilizes cement in the portions that need reinforcement.

Rehabilitating and Applying Corrosive-Resistant Coatings

Manhole structures are constantly exposed to materials that accelerate corrosion, such as wastewater rife with sulfides. This is why corrosive and chemical-resistant coatings are invaluable to maintaining the structural integrity of manholes.

The success of any manhole rehabilitation project relies heavily on the techniques applied and the restoration materials utilized. The skill and knowledge of the repair technician is also a great consideration. Manholes play a crucial role in keeping the municipality or city roads and infrastructures safe for pedestrians, motorists and the general public. So when your property’s manholes need to be repaired, trust the pros at Atlantic Pipe Services.

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