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A problem with a sewer pipe can cause severe disruptions to an entire line. Fortunately, many types of pipe problems that we address can be repaired using a process called pipe lining. The good news about trenchless pipe lining is that it is far less invasive than traditional methods, which often lead to lengthier downtimes. Our team specializes in sectional CIPP. This process is characterized by the installation of a structural liner in an existing pipe without having to excavate or repair the entire line.

This relies on the use of an impregnated liner with a thermal setting resin, which is then expanded and cured to form a tight fitting liner within the existing pipe. Our process incorporates the existing pipe into the finished product, making for a long-term solution to damaged large diameter pipes.

To understand more about the process, including how long it takes, check out this guide from Atlantic Pipe Services.

How Does Pipe Lining Work?

To make sure that every pipe can be repaired correctly, there are multiple pipe lining methods in use. One of the most common is known as CIPP pipe lining. CIPP stands for cured-in-place-pipe. This method uses a liquid resin that is pumped into the pipes and allowed to cure. Other types of pipe lining include pull-in-place, pipe bursting, and internal pipe coating. Each of these methods takes different amounts of time.

How Long Does Pipe Lining Take?

In most cases, pipe lining companies can complete their work in less than a day. Depending on the extent of the repair, some repairs can be completed in just a few hours. The biggest factor is where the problem is located relative to the nearest access point and the size of the crack or hole in the pipe.

If there is a longer section of pipe to be repaired, such as in the case of a sewer line, the repair may take longer. Such sewer pipe lining requires small trenches to be dug so that the technicians can utilize the pipe bursting technique. At Atlantic Pipe Services, we primarily work on large diameter pipes. Among the pipeline repair services we conduct on our projects is sectional CIPP.

How Long Do Typical Repairs Take?

Traditional pipe repairs take far longer than any type of pipe lining. Beyond the time that’s required to dig the pipe, repair the pipe, and fill in the hole, you must also consider the time it takes to get the property or space back in order. In some cases, you could be dealing with these repairs months later, which can affect traffic or operations within close proximity of your property. Therefore, when you can opt for storm pipe lining, it’s wise to choose this option. To be sure that your pipe lining needs are addressed correctly, contact the pipe lining experts at Atlantic Pipe Services today.

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