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Atlantic Pipe Services is one of the leading pipe lining companies in the area due to our ability to restore a wide variety of municipal and commercial pipe systems and components using less-invasive yet highly efficient methods. Manhole systems and the pipes within them can also be rehabilitated with techniques of this nature. Below, we go over just why manhole rehabilitation is important.

Maintaining Pipe System Access

Manholes need to remain accessible so that sewer or storm water pipes can be safely and conveniently accessed. Consisting of many different components, manhole systems can be affected by deterioration and damage. If any of the parts within this type of system are damaged, it could become unsafe for workers to access underground pipes this way. Needless to say, manhole rehabilitation is essential not only for the manholes themselves but for the entire pipe system.

Connecting Sewer Systems

Manholes are also important because they connect sewer systems and lines. Additionally, they make it possible to change sewer system alignment or direction. If any parts of a manhole system aren’t functioning as intended, wastewater flow can be interrupted, which could result in messy backups or other sanitation problems.

Minimizing Disruptions

Any work that needs to be done on manhole systems or within manholes can disrupt flow or result in above-ground disruptions with paved or concrete surfaces or traffic. The good news is if manhole-to-manhole restoration is needed for municipal sewer repairs, trenchless pipe lining techniques can be used to make the repairs. These no-dig methods minimize disruptions and cut down on downtime.

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