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Storm drains are vital parts of municipal infrastructure. They are designed to redirect runoff and floodwater produced by rainstorms into the public drainage system. There are bound to be major flooding issues if runoff and floodwater are not properly redirected, which is why preventive measures that entail services such as storm pipe inspection in Orlando, FL are vital.

It’s ideal for property owners to prioritize storm drain maintenance, as well as the upkeep of other stormwater facilities, at least once a year. Sewer pipe inspection and maintenance are also required prior to predicted major storm events and in the instance of chemical spills.

Below are other reasons why regular storm drain maintenance and other related services are important.

Flood Mitigation

As copious amounts of rain water runs through a storm drain during a torrential downpour, it moves along with trash, sticks, sediment, mud, and other debris. If proper pipe cleaning and maintenance hasn’t been done, then the floodwater can easily fill up the drain or clog the underground facility leading to floods on nearby roads.

Control Erosion

Other than diverting floodwater, storm drains also help prevent soil erosion. Purposefully built channels hold water and keep it from washing away surrounding land. In case of an overflow that runs over the soil because sewer pipe inspection that could have detected the early signs of issues was not scheduled regularly, it negates the entire purpose of protecting the land that the storm drain is built for.

Maintain Property Value

An obstructed or clogged storm drain reduces curbside appeal and can potentially turn away customers. Moreover, when there’s a heavy rainstorm, flooding and soil erosion can cause a lot of damage that can be costly to fix. It would be a good idea to hire a professional to carry out laser profiling to check whether your storm drain can hold up well in the event of heavy rains.

Reduce Water Pollution

But storm drains have underground filters that sift out the pollutants that floodwaters bring. Keeping your storm drains well-maintained helps optimize its performance so that it can keep the general public safe.

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