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For top-quality sewer camera inspection services, look no further than Atlantic Pipe Services. The inspections we perform using high-resolution cameras can provide numerous benefits and results. Today, we take a closer look at why sewer camera inspections are important.

Finding the Source of the Problem

From tree root intrusions to accumulated debris, there are many things that can block or clog a drain or sewer line. A sewer or pipe camera inspection is done in a way that allows every part of the affected line to be viewed in real-time. Because our technicians are highly trained, the process is also safe and non-invasive. It’s through this inspection method that we can provide visual evidence of the actual source of the problem.

Determining How to Repair a Damaged Sewer Line

Results from a sewer video inspection let our trained technicians determine the most appropriate way to repair the sewer line damage at hand. For instance, one of the options we offer with large diameter pipe repair is sectional cured-in-place piping (CIPP). In order for this approach to pipe repair to be effective, the damaged line needs to be stable. A camera inspection will show how stable the damaged pipe is. From there, our team can determine whether the repair methods available at our disposal can be viable.

Confirming That Normal Flow Has Been Restored

One of the ways we clean sewer lines is with the use of highly pressurized water. Once we’ve “jetted” or cleaned the large diameter pipes, a pipe video inspection can confirm that the affected line is functioning normally. Camera inspections for this purpose can also be done after repairs to confirm whether water flow has indeed been properly restored.

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You don’t have to wait until your pipes need urgent attention to contact Atlantic Pipe Services about a drain inspection for any project involving large diameter pipes. Our camera inspections are ideal for preventative maintenance purposes as the results allow possible issues to be detected and addressed promptly.

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