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Large diameter pipes are critical parts of industrial, commercial and municipal infrastructure. While these pipes have a long lifespan, they do eventually fail. A high water table, sinkhole or nearby construction can also cause problems for large diameter pipes. At Atlantic Pipe Services, we’re the trusted providers of trenchless pipe lining in Florida. Read on for some tips on whether it’s better to repair or replace large diameter pipes.

Save Money

Minor to moderate damage can be repaired by our pipe repair experts. While some pipe lining companies also do replacements, we focus on repairs. That’s why we’re honest about our ability to make a repair and when we think it’s better to replace the pipe. Repairing minor to moderate damage in a sanitary or storm sewer, water main or other type of pipe is affordable and costs less than replacement.

Save Time

When it comes to large diameter pipes, hundreds or even thousands of customers may be served by the infrastructure. The last thing they’ll want is to go without water or sewer service. Our storm and sewer pipe lining services are completed quickly, so the disruption to the neighborhood will be minimal.

Ensure Reliable Service

We use the best repair method for the type of issue in the large diameter pipe. We fix infiltration differently than ex-filtration or cracks. Our sewer and storm pipe lining services are guaranteed. We always stand behind our work, and we thoroughly test the pipes before leaving.

You can count on Atlantic Pipe Services to handle all of your commercial, industrial and municipal large diameter pipe repair and replacement services. Our experienced technicians and plumbers get the job done right the first time. For more information or to have us come out for an estimate for CIPP pipe lining, get in touch with us today.

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