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If you are a property owner and need a large-diameter or storm pipe inspection in Orlando, FL, Atlantic Pipe Services has got you covered. We utilize the latest in pipe inspection technology to provide the most accurate findings. One of the methods at our disposal is laser profiling, which we’ll be shedding light on in this article.

What Is Laser Profiling?

Laser profiling is a new and innovative method of pipe inspection. The process integrates advanced laser technology with the more commonly used and familiar video camera system to examine the state of your drainage and sewer lines.

Laser profiling is invaluable to sewer pipe inspection procedures, in that it is a unique method that allows our specialists to see if there is any deformity in a recently installed drainage system. Such defects would be challenging to notice on conventional CCTV surveys.


The primary use of the process is that it is a quality requirement whenever a new pipe is being installed. Some government departments like Arizona DOT require their contractors to apply the technique on their projects when inspecting culverts that have been constructed under highways. It can also be used for services such as storm drain maintenance.

Another application of the procedure is measuring pipes set for rehabilitation. This helps contractors identify the dimensions of the pipes with sharper accuracy in conjunction with more known methods such as a CCTV inspection, which provides an estimate to engineers when they are inspecting old lines. A laser profile goes into the details by highlighting things like a pipe’s circumferential profile.


Laser profiling can be done without any extensive digging involved. Avoiding or minimizing excavation makes it an environment-friendly process, and it makes time–sensitive projects be completed without delays. It is a more accurate method of inspecting sewer lines, and thus pipe cleaning, repairs and adjustments can be made with higher efficiency.

And because it provides accurate and detailed information, a laser profile can be used to develop a pipe’s 3D model. The model can then be stored as a BMP or JPEG for future use.

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