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Atlantic Pipe Services is a leading provider of quality storm pipe repair in Orlando, FL. We also offer a comprehensive range of pipeline repair and rehabilitation services, including manhole repair. There are various reasons as to why manholes becomes damaged. Our team of pipelining experts will be discussing the leading causes behind manhole damage in more detail.

Flow of Traffic

Utility manhole covers are typically installed within public spaces, and they can often be found along main roads. Due to their placement, manhole covers can sustain damage from the vehicles driving over them. While manhole covers are usually made of metal and set with concrete, the repeated exposure to pressure can cause cracks over time, which necessitates manhole repair services. 

Constant pressure can wear out manhole covers, but the damage is also detrimental to the manhole system as a whole. Moreover, a damaged manhole cover can pose risks to the vehicles and passersby.

Sewer Line Break

Sewer line breaks can cause damage to manholes as the pressure and the toxicity from the effluent can corrode the structure. When a sewer line breaks, it’s paramount that a sewer pipe repair company like Atlantic Pipe Services is contacted for prompt rehabilitation.

One of the ways our pipelining company can help repair sewer lines is through our CIPP pipe lining, which in turn prevents manholes from being damaged.

Tree Root Intrusions

It’s not uncommon for manholes to encounter tree root intrusions, especially if there are trees lining the thoroughfare. This is especially the case if the trees are old and therefore have wildly overgrown roots that can easily penetrate the manhole pipes and covers.


Manholes are important as they provide access to the different pipe systems of a municipality, city, or community. Unfortunately, heavy rains can take its toll on these inspection chambers as the surge of floodwater can errode the structure.

Whatever your utility pipe needs are, Atlantic Pipe Services is ready to lend a hand. Give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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