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Pipe Video Inspection in Winter: Yay or Nay?

The sewer camera inspection services in Jacksonville, FL offered by Atlantic Pipe Services can be beneficial at all times of the year. This also includes any time during the winter months, especially in a location where the “cool season” still brings temperatures around 70 degrees and generally pleasant weather conditions.

Drain and Sewer Problems Can’t Always Wait

The top reason for a resounding “yay” for a pipe camera inspection in winter is because most issues that could affect drain or sewer lines shouldn’t be put on hold. A camera inspection, for instance, is what’s usually done to quickly and accurately determine the source of drain and sewer issues involving:

  • Clogs or blockages
  • Foul sewer or drain odors, which tend to be more noticeable during the winter months
  • Suspected sewer/drain leaks affecting your walls, floors, foundation, or landscape

It’s a Quick and Easy Process

A pipe video inspection isn’t intrusive at all, which is another reason why it can typically be done easily at any time of the year. The inspection itself is done through an existing service access point with a flexible cable and a high-resolution camera. The images from inside the pipe are displayed in real-time on a monitor and recorded for review and reference.

There Are Preventative Perks for Winter

One other reason to take advantage of our drain inspection services in winter is for preventative purposes. Having potential issues addressed early also gives you one less thing to worry about. Plus, you’ll be less likely to be surprised by serious drain or sewer problems if you’ve had a preventive inspection done before winter sets in.

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If you’re already seeing signs suggesting you may have issues with your pipes, don’t hesitate to call Atlantic Pipe Services. We’ll conduct a thorough, accurate, and affordable drain or sewer video inspection, discuss the results with you, and recommend any additional services that may be beneficial.

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