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Reasons Pipe Lining Is The Top Recommendation of Contractors

A sewer drain system, especially if it’s older, is a practical concern with any property that will inevitably need attention. Smaller problems can start to worsen, eventually leading to potential burst lines, compromised sewer pipe lining, sewage backups, and flooding.

While pipe replacement has traditionally required extensive digging, sewer pipe lining methods are much less disruptive and can save hundreds or even thousands of dollars per renovation. For these reasons, infrastructure contractors like Atlantic Pipe Services prefer trenchless pipe lining in Orlando, FL.

Alternative to the Traditional Route

The standard pipe replacement method was disruptive. It meant stopping traffic, digging up landscaping, sidewalks or roads or tearing out parts of a building. Restoration projects which mostly involved trench refilling, rebuilding roads, landscaping or walls, took pipe lining companies more time, labor and transportation costs. Trenchless solutions, in general, means all drain line work takes place underground through a single access point.

Your Pipe Lining Options

Among the most widely used variations of trenchless repair is CIPP lining, which stands for cured-in-place pipe lining. CIPP lining involves an epoxy or resin-impregnated liner and an inversion machine. Using air pressure, the liner is pushed into the existing line and inflates it to match the host pipe’s contours. The liner hardens, or cures as the name suggests, to create a durable PVC-like new pipe interior that resists corrosion and can last up to five decades.

The whole pipe lining process requires minimal crew and equipment, usually takes less than a day, reduces traditional prep and clean-up time, and avoids costs related to landscape restoration.

Versatile Applications

Cured-in-place is also outstanding for municipal storm pipe lining due to its ability to cover separations and deterioration in concrete and corrugated storm drains with a minimal working footprint that allows daily traffic to continue normally.

Overall Advantages

Pipe lining offers a number of advantages. The process requires minimal digging, will not disrupt the surrounding environment, can often be completed within the day, and can be applied to almost any pipe material. It also minimizes environmental hazards inherent in digging and eliminates the need for transportation or disposal of old pipes to landfills.

And lastly, one of the most significant advantages that makes pipe lining the method preferred over others is reduced costs, both for the contractors and the clients. Costs per foot for pipe lining and traditional pipe replacement methods are typically comparable. It’s the indirect costs that most often make the difference.

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