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A camera inspection is one of the most efficient ways to determine and locate pipe issues. Needless to say, the sewer camera is a vital tool. So when you need sewer camera inspection services in Jacksonville, FL, working with a reputable name like Atlantic Pipe Services is the way to do it.

We utilize top-grade equipment that helps us carry out sewer video inspection services thoroughly and efficiently. Here are the main features of the cameras that we use for the job. 

What Is A Sewer Camera?

The small, flexible sewer camera takes all of the guesswork out of a pipe camera inspection. It is a specially designed camera that is snaked through the drain pipe. The camera can then provide a visual of the issue so that the appropriate repairs can be done promptly.

In order for a sewer camera to perform efficiently, it should have certain features. Some cameras are more sophisticated than others. But in most cases, using a camera with basic technology during the pipe video inspection is sufficient. The following is a list of must-have sewer camera features:

Lighting and Digital Capabilities – You cannot fix what you cannot see. It is very important that the camera has excellent lighting during the drain inspection to pinpoint trouble issues and illuminate the details and transmit them to our monitors for assessment.

Power – Sometimes it is necessary for the camera to be maneuvered around the pipes. A camera with six-wheel drive should be powerful enough move through debris and find the problem without putting the camera at risk.

Ease of Use – There are many different types of sewer pipes. So it is important to have a camera that has easy controls. A camera that is steerable and has a tilting mechanism gives us the precision we need for the pipe video inspection.

Other features like hands-free stabilization, touchscreen control, and laser measurement go a long way when performing a sewer video inspection.

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