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A sewer or pipe line is an essential aspect of any property, particularly for land developments and industrial complexes. Without it, operations can come to a stand still or projects can come to a halt. That is why it is important for us here at Atlantic Pipe Services to offer efficient pipe repair solutions such as trenchless pipe lining

Let’s take a look at some of the most known benefits of trenchless pipe lining.

Less Mess Equals Less Stress

Pipe lining companies that offer trenchless services no longer have to dig up a large part of the street, complex, or any part of your property for pipe repair and rehabilitation projects. In nearly all cases of trenchless repairs, we only need access to get to the sewer lines and get the job done efficiently. This means trenchless pipe lining takes less time, isn’t as stressful, and doesn’t make as much of a mess compared to traditional excavation methods.

Better Quality and Functionality

Services like sectional CIPP pipe lining are advantageous because they can prevent several large-scale issues that can potentially damage the pipes and internal structure of the sewer system. This process involves installing a structural liner to the damaged pipe to repair without the need to excavate or repair the entire line. Atlantic Pipe Services uses a liner impregnated with a thermal setting resin. This resin is then expanded and cured to form a tight fitting liner within the damaged pipe. 

Faster than Other Methods

The older method involved more digging, more time, and more labor. They were also more expensive. It can be easy to overlook the amount of time it would take to clean and put everything back in order. Storm pipe lining and other trenchless pipe lining services can be done in a day with little to no inconvenience to the property owner or to the general public.

Not as Many Resources Are Used

Sewer pipe lining involves using the old and broken pipes as a structure for the new piping. This ensures that professionals create as little waste as possible.

To learn more about the many advantages of trenchless pipe lining services for any land development project or commercial and industrial properties, contact Atlantic Pipe Services today.

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