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Cured-in-place pipe lining (CIPP) is a pipe restoration technology that involves inserting a flexible resin-saturated liner inside the existing pipe. Apart from storm pipe repair in Orlando, FL, Atlantic Pipe Services also offers CIPP pipe lining. This particular procedure has many applications, so if you’re wondering whether it can be beneficial for your situation, then you’ve come to the right place.

The CIPP Pipe Lining Process

After inserting the saturated liner inside the existing pipe, the liner is inflated via air pressure. Heat is then used to harden or “cure” the liner inside the pipe. We use CIPP pipe lining to repair almost any type of pipes without having to excavate.

Repairing Storm Pipes

Concrete storm drains deteriorate over time, while corrugated storm drains corrode. This causes the sand to infiltrate and block the pipes, which can be a danger to the surrounding properties.

CIPP is effective for storm pipe repair since you will not have to tear down the existing pipes and replace them with new ones. Once the flexible liner hardens, the water can flow smoothly once again.

Repairing Manholes

When repairing a manhole near a highway, you might be required to close that section of the road first, impeding car and foot traffic. But with CIPP pipe lining, manhole repair can be done with minimal disruptions.

Repairing Sewer Pipes

Sewer line systems are vital when it comes to managing waste and wastewater disposal, so it’s paramount that sewer pipe repair is done in an efficient manner. This is where our CIPP pipe lining services come in. Not only is CIPP lining an effective solution, it also provides long-lasting results. Pipes that were restored via CIPP pipe lining tend to last for up to 50 more years.

Consider CIPP Pipe Lining Solutions

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