The Manhole Repair Process

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The Manhole Repair Process

At Atlantic Pipe Services, we know that commercial pipe problems go beyond buildings, which is why we also offer services such as manhole and storm pipe repair in Orlando, FL. Throughout Florida, these critical infrastructure systems break down just as easily as in-building pipe systems. In some areas, they break down faster because of exposure to the elements, pressure, and friction from vehicles and foot traffic running over and near them.

Manholes especially pose a problem because damaged and deteriorated structures can adversely affect vehicle flow and sewer pipes. Common causes of manhole issues are erosion and breakdown from heat, rain and wind, asphalt damage, ground settling and tree roots. Any issue with a manhole cover’s fit, damage to the cover, cracks in the area around or near it and water pooling require immediate professional manhole repair. 

A professional can quickly and efficiently correct these and other issues by carrying out these manhole repair steps.

Inspection of the Site

A commercial pipeline specialist inspects the exterior area, cover and then the manhole interior. They check if only the cover, surrounding area or manhole need repair. They also check if they must perform a sewer pipe repair.

Determining a Repair Solution

Professionals can use a variety of solutions, such as pressure-injected grout or polyurethane spray for simple repairs or CIPP pipe lining for more extensive ones. With CIPP, they can reinforce the existing manhole by inserting a pipe-shaped liner into it and pressing a special resin coating into any cracks and against interior surfaces. After the resin cures, it also prevents corrosion from chemicals and water.

Performing the Repairs

Once a professional chooses the appropriate solution, they thoroughly clean around and inside of the manhole to remove loose materials that can impede the repairs. They also remove any substances that can corrode the manhole, if applicable. If they choose to use CIPP, then they insert a liner of an appropriate diameter and press it firmly into place.

Our team at Atlantic Pipe Services has extensive experience with manhole and storm pipe inspections and repairs. For more information about repairing these or other pipe systems or to schedule an appointment, contact us today.

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