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Trenchless Pipe Lining: Myths vs Facts

As leading providers of trenchless pipe lining in Orlando, FL, the team here at Atlantic Pipe Services often receives questions from prospective and established clients regarding the work that we do. Below are just some of the many misconceptions about trenchless pipe repairs that we’ve encountered over the years.

Myth: Trenchless Lining Doesn’t Work on Dirty or Obstructed Pipes

Prior to performing trenchless sewer or storm pipe lining, our personnel will inspect and clean the pipeline to determine the nature and extent of the damage. Taking these steps permits us to see exactly what work needs to be done and allows the new liner to adhere more fully to the old pipe’s interior.

Myth: Trenchless Pipe Repairs Won’t Last

The material that’s used in the sewer pipe lining process starts out as soft and flexible, but it cures into a tough, durable lining. The new liner fills in cracks and strengthens the existing pipe so that it can function as needed for many more years of service.

Myth: Trenchless Lining is Only Good for Spot Repairs

Although trenchless pipe lining is a great choice when limited repairs to a slightly damaged pipeline are needed, it can also be used to line an entire pipe that’s been extensively damaged. Our proven techniques are effective on all types, ages, and lengths of piping.

Myth: Trenchless Repair is Always the Correct Solution

Unfortunately, there are a few limits to the effectiveness of CIPP pipe lining. Pipelines that have settled or become completely crushed or separated often require replacement instead of relining in order to function properly once again.

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