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Since pipes are largely inaccessible, you might not be able to detect issues until after they’ve become too severe. Fortunately, Atlantic Pipe Services can help. Below, we go over some of the issues and problems that our sewer camera inspection services can discover and address.

Minor Pipe Cracks

Water pressure and debris can damage sewer or drain lines over time. Years of use, ground shifting, and other factors can cause small cracks. Because a pipe camera inspection is performed using a specialized camera, such flaws can be detected and addressed before they worsen.

Sagging Pipes

Aging and shifts in soil can cause pipes to sag or belly. Oftentimes, it’s easier to identify sagging areas from the inside of the pipe with a sewer video inspection.

Pipe Joint Misalignment

Gravity, soil shifting, aging, and poor installation are among the leading reasons why pipe joints may be misaligned. A pipe camera inspection will detect any pipe joints that are out of place, or ones that may have shifted. If the misaligned joint eventually separates, you may have a full-blown leak on your hands.

Tree Roots

Tree roots will naturally seek out sources of moisture. When they find their way into the pipes, tree roots can cause blockages, cracks, and even collapse. A pipe video inspection can pinpoint any tree root intrusions so that the appropriate steps can be taken to clear and, if necessary, repair the affected pipe.

Gunk in Pipes

A sewer or drain inspection done with a video camera can also identify debris, grease, gunk, pipe scale, and other materials that tend to affect pipe flow. Once it’s known what’s going on in the pipes, we can recommend ways to clear away the gunk and restore normal flow.

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