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Atlantic Pipe Services is among the leading names when it comes to top-tier pipe rehabilitation and inspection services. Whether it’s a storm pipe inspection in Orlando, FL, or a pipe cleaning anywhere else in the area, we see to it that quality workmanship reigns supreme. We specialize in working with large-diameter piping systems in various industries and projects such as new constructions, land development, municipal buildings, and the like.

Purpose of Laser Profiling

One of the services we offer is laser profiling, a feature that helps us detect and quantify damage in your piping system. Laser profiling is a reliable method of evaluating the challenges in any piping system, but it is best used on flexible pipes. For increased effectiveness, we utilize laser profiling in conjunction with CCTV cameras to help monitor the degree of damage in your piping system.

We mainly use laser profiling combined with sewer pipe inspection for newly installed pipes before commissioning the pipeline. The method has proved reliable in detecting possible pitfalls and defects within the piping system. We use two modes of laser profiling to comprehensively ascertain the structural integrity of a pipeline. These methods entail; the laser light ring and direct measurement.

The Process In a Nutshell

The process entails the use of a camera that has a laser rod. The camera then outlines the circular shape of the pipe in its field of view through a ring of light. The circular shape allows calculation of the pipe’s interior, after which our personnel contrasts the computed results with the measurements that the client expects for their piping system. We often use both direct measurement and light ring to ensure concise results in other projects such as a pipe cleaning.

In the encounter of damage in a piping system, our personnel can measure the level of damage and the aspects that cause fissures and deflection within the system. We can then formulate a pipe or storm drain maintenance plan according to our findings.

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