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Over time, your concrete and corrugated storm drains and culverts will crack, collapse and corrode. These types of deterioratIon can result in sand infiltration, surface settlements, sinkhole formations, and soil erosion. Atlantic Pipe Services takes pride in combining the best technology with top-notch trenchless pipe lining service to deliver outstanding results in every bothersome storm drain situation.

Storm Drain Pipe Lining Basics

Storm pipe lining helps your storm drains carry out the crucial role of preventing water damage and flooding to government and business structures, parking lots, sidewalks, and streets. When a storm drain pipe fails, the leaking water enters and saturates the surrounding soil, leading to water build-up that floods roads, basements, parking lots, and other structures nearby.

In the past, technicians had to dig up the damaged storm drain to repair or replace it. The technicians combined the excavation cost with the cost of repairing structures and landscaping destroyed during the digging, resulting in a lengthy and costly repair process. Today, pipe lining companies can repair a damaged storm drain without having to excavate.

Storm Drain Pipe Lining

CIPP pipe lining is a minimally invasive and innovative strategy that follows a no-dig process to strengthen your old storm drain pipes. We have various advanced tactics at our disposal to make sure the property remains intact while we repair the storm drain pipes.

Restoring the Damaged Storm Drain

At Atlantic Pipe Services, we have a better method of restoring your storm drain system with our trenchless pipe repair process. We use innovative sewer pipe lining solutions to fix your storm drain pipe while it’s still underground. Instead of excavating the pipe out of the ground, we repair the pipe from the inside using epoxy resin. The epoxy cures into a new, hardened pipe that restores your storm drain system to full functionality. The new pipe resists corrosion and tree root penetration – the major culprits of storm drains failure.

For complex storm drain pipes with several connections to other outlets or inlets, we have the required tools to reopen these connections. In our trenchless pipe lining service, we can work remotely using the created access points to insert the cutting equipment, saving you time.

Atlantic Pipe Services offers exceptional pipeline inspection, cleaning, and rehabilitation services. Get in touch with us today for more information or to schedule an appointment.

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