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It’s impossible to inspect certain parts of a sewer pipe system with the naked eye. Yes, even sewer systems that have large diameter pipes. For this reason, Atlantic Pipe Services advises that you schedule a pipe camera inspection to determine whether a pipe within your sewer system is damaged. By catching problems early on, we are able to help you avoid a lot of stress in the long run.

To give you a better idea of the work we do, here’s what we look for during a sewer camera inspection.


When performing a sewer or drain inspection, accumulation and buildup inside the pipes are among the first problems that we look for. Public lines and even mains can end up with huge pipe blockages over time due to heavy usage. Our specialized camera allows us to get footage of accumulated waste that’s deep inside those pipes.

Pipe Collapses

It’s not uncommon for us to encounter a collapsed pipe when we carry out sewer camera inspection services. While some pipes collapse simply due to old age, others cave in as a result of environmental factors. Pipes sometimes collapse from the weight of the soil above. This is especially true when heavy vehicles are routinely on the property. Camera-based inspections can give us an idea of what caused your pipes to collapse.

Tree Roots

Tree roots are naturally drawn to sources of water and nutrients. This is why we often find roots growing inside sewer lines. Aside from blocking water flow, heavy roots can crush underground pipes. A pipe video inspection enables our technicians to confirm the presence of tree roots within the pipes.


Some pipes are designed to last up to 100 years. However, certain pipe materials are more prone to corrosion than others. While performing a sewer video inspection, our team will keep an eye out for the signs of corrosion.


Leaks can cause many issues to the property, including water damage and mold problems. A video inspection can reveal hidden cracks, which can eventually start to leak.

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