When’s the Best Time to Schedule a Sewer Video Inspection?

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When’s the Best Time to Schedule a Sewer Video Inspection?

As a property owner or facility manager, you know the importance of sewer camera inspection services in Orlando, FL. However, you might not always have a clear idea regarding when to best schedule this crucial inspection service offered by Atlantic Pipe Services.

Worry not, as our team shares a few pointers on when to get a sewer video inspection done.

1.  When You’ve Got Older Sewer Lines That Are More Susceptible to Damage

If your sewer lines are the same ones installed when the building or property was first constructed, then the pipes are most likely old and already prone to damage. Moreover, the pipes can be damaged by tree roots that have grown inside the pipes over time. This type of damage can be difficult to determine. A pipe camera inspection can help accurately diagnose the issue so you can get it repaired accordingly.

2.  When You’re Planning to Sell Your Property Soon

If you’re planning on putting your property on the market soon, knowing whether or not it has any existing pipe issues that need to be repaired or potential problems that need to be addressed can make a big difference in how much money you can get for it.

3.  When Issues Keep Cropping Up

Slow drains and frequent sewer backups can be signs of major issues within your sewer system. A drain inspection can help you identify the source of the problem so that the necessary repairs can be made.

4.  Unpleasant Odors

Unpleasant odors can also be signs of sewer line issues such as clogs. If you notice foul smells coming from your property even after a good deep clean, the stench might be emanating from your pipes. If this is the case, a pipe video inspection will help you find the source of the problem.


Sewer video inspection can be highly beneficial to your business. Contact Atlantic Pipe Services today.

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