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Sewer camera inspection services

Sewer camera inspection services from Atlantic Pipe Services come in handy whenever there are issues that could involve 4″ to 84″ pipes. However, we do also recommend getting into the habit of having annual camera-based inspections done even if there are no clear signs of a problem. Here’s why:

Pipe Problems Aren’t Always Obvious

One compelling reason to have a sewer video inspection done each year is because pipe problems are often sneaky. Tree roots can slowly spread near pipes without any noticeable issues in your industrial property or municipal line. It’s also possible that parts of the line may already be slowly bellying or sinking. Through annual inspections, we can identify these issues and deal with them promptly.

In fact, we can address them even before the said issues become actual cause for concern. Our team works with different clients, including municipal, industrial, and large commercial projects, so if you’re a property or facility manager, do reach out to us for our services once you suspect that a problem is at hand.

Repairs Tend to Be Less Costly When Done Early

When a camera-based sewer, pipe, or drain inspection identifies a problem early on, the extent of damage is mitigated. This means that repairs are also more likely to be easier on your budget. If you wait until your property’s large diameter pipes or drain lines have completely collapsed, repairs could cost more. This can be a hassle especially if your municipality has a limited allocation for infrastructure repair.

While we can tackle almost any type of large-diameter pipe issue, the trenchless methods we utilize, such as sectional CIPP, are more efficient if repairs are done while the damage is still minimal. Camera inspections allow us to be one step ahead.

Some Underground Pipes Are More Susceptible to Damage

Lastly, we recommend having a drain, sewer, or pipe video inspection done annually for systems that are more susceptible to developing cracks or other flaws. This is more likely to be the case if these are more than 25-30 years old, surrounded by mature trees that could have sprawling root systems, or in an area where soil shifting is more common due to erosion and other factors.

Get Clear Answers with a Video Inspection Today

If you cannot recall the last time you’ve had a pipe camera inspection done on your property or complex, take this opportunity to contact Atlantic Pipe Services. You’ll appreciate the added peace of mind of knowing for sure what’s going on with your pipes.

Contact us today to schedule a pipe camera inspection for your property or project. Feel free to call us or fill out the online form for an appointment.

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