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Why Storm Drain Inspections Are Necessary

You may be familiar with the use of sewer camera inspection services for sewer lines, but this technology has benefits for commercial storm drains and piping systems as well. We here at Atlantic Pipe Services are pleased to provide storm drain inspections as part of our pipe solutions, and we offer the following reasons why scheduling storm drain inspections are necessary.

Prevent Flooding

The primary purpose of a storm drain network is to protect adjacent properties from floods. This is done by channeling excess rainwater away from roads, buildings, and other structures. If a storm drain becomes damaged or clogged, it won’t be able to perform this intended function. As a conscientious commercial property owner or manager, it is wise to include storm drain inspection on your list of routine property maintenance tasks.

Save on Repairs Down the Road

Another compelling reason to stay on top of storm drain maintenance issues is so that repairs can be made while potential issues are still relatively minor and can easily be fixed. Periodic storm drain evaluation using modern sewer video inspection techniques will allow you to keep tabs on the condition of your property’s drains while saving time, effort and money over the life of the system.

Our Storm Sewer Inspection Services

Unless you happen to have access to pipe camera inspection equipment yourself, you’ll definitely benefit from our skilled team’s sewer camera inspection services. We can examine your entire subsurface drain system via a video camera with the goal of pinpointing possible trouble areas that require immediate or future attention. We also offer pipe cleaning and repair services to keep storm drains in good working order.

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