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Technician Conducting Manhole Inspection

As we specialize in professional sewer and storm pipe repair in Orlando, FL, Atlantic Pipe Services can share with you some information about sewer systems. Your sewer system can include drains, sewer pipes, and manholes. All of them play vital roles by eliminating and treating wastewater. Here’s a few things you may need to know about:


The drain connects plumbing fixtures to the main sewer line. In residential settings, drains connect to lateral lines that pass under the street and connect to the main sewer line. The main sewer line transports wastewater to a wastewater treatment plant.

Sewer Pipes

Sewer pipes exist in distinct diameters based on their preferred use, and are usually made of concrete, plastic, or clay. Over time, they deteriorate either due to corrosion, age, or tree roots, among other factors, which lead to cracks or leaks. Here’s where our qualified personnel come in to ensure professional sewer pipe repair.


A manhole entails a shaft providing accessibility to the main sewer line for cleaning, inspection, and maintenance. These purposes are necessary to ensure they can withstand pressure from stormwater, groundwater, and corrosion. We provide efficient manhole repair for such instances, as manholes are usually prone to damage and deterioration due to its function.

Sewer Line Repair

CIPP pipe lining is a standard repair option for sewer lines. The process involves inserting a flexible liner into the damaged line and curing it with resin. This procedure is efficient and cost-effective, as it helps minimize the need to dig up sewer lines and cause environmental disruption.

Sewer systems work day in and day out to facilitate proper wastewater management, so they should be kept in optimal condition at all times. Any damage to the sewer system may pose significant structural and even environmental damage if not detected and rectified on time.

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