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Storm pipes are crucial to any city’s infrastructure, collecting and diverting rainwater and other precipitation away from streets, buildings, and other structures. Without them, heavy rainfall can lead to flooding and erosion, causing significant damage and safety hazards. Whether you’re a property owner or simply curious about the inner workings of storm drain maintenance, have you ever wondered where these vital storm pipes are located?

Read on to learn how storm pipes work to keep our cities safe and dry, as well as how routine storm pipe inspection in Orlando, FL can be beneficial for the community.

1. Streets and Roadways

Storm pipes are often located beneath the street or roadway surface. These collect runoff from the pavement and direct it to the nearest drainage channel or stream. Regular sewer pipe inspection and routine pipe cleaning are advisable to ensure they’re in good shape always.

2. Residential Areas

Runoff from driveways, and rooftops, other impervious surfaces is collected by storm drains. Connecting a rain barrel or other water collection device to a storm drain is one way to reuse and recycle runoff water for later use.

3. Urban Developments

In urban areas, storm pipes are beneath sidewalks, plazas, and other public spaces. With the help of laser profiling, storm pipes are typically installed during the construction phase of new development to ensure that rainwater and other runoff are appropriately managed.

4. Industrial and Commercial Areas

There may be a need for larger capacity storm pipes and connections for industrial and commercial areas. Because of the increased rainfall and runoff in this region, infrastructure like ponds and treatment facilities demands more effort.

The safety and well-being of our communities depend on properly functioning storm pipes, and Atlantic Pipe Services is here to help.Contact us for pipe cleaning and other services to help you protect your property.

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