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CIPP lining, also known as cured-in-place pipe lining, is a trenchless approach to rehabilitating and repairing underground pipelines. The process involves creating a new pipe within an existing damaged pipe, offering numerous benefits that make it a wise investment. Atlantic Pipe Services offers CIPP pipe lining services. Here are reasons why this pipe rehabilitation method is worth it:


CIPP lining is a cost-effective solution. Traditional pipe repair methods often require extensive excavation and replacement, which can be time-consuming and expensive. In contrast, trenchless pipe lining companies have no need for extensive excavation, reducing labor and material costs. The process involves inserting a flexible liner coated with resin into the damaged pipe and curing it. This eliminates the need for extensive digging, significantly reducing the overall project cost.

Lasting Solution

Additionally, CIPP lining offers a long-lasting solution to damaged pipes. The liner used in the sewer pipe lining process is made from high-quality materials resistant to corrosion, leaks, and root intrusion. Once cured, the liner forms a seamless and jointless pipe within the existing pipe, eliminating weak points and improving the structural integrity. This results in a highly durable and long-lasting solution that can extend the lifespan of the rehabilitated pipe by several decades.


Moreover, CIPP lining is a time-efficient method. Since we do not perform extensive excavations during trenchless pipe lining in Jacksonville, FL, the repair process is significantly faster than traditional methods. This translates to reduced downtime for the affected infrastructure, minimizing disruption to businesses in the area.

In many cases, pipe lining companies are able to complete CIPP lining and similar pipe restoration services such as storm pipe lining within hours and even within a day, promptly restoring the pipeline’s functionality.

CIPP lining offers many advantages that make it a good investment. Its cost-effectiveness, long-term efficacy, time efficiency, and environmental friendliness make it a compelling choice for rehabilitating and repairing underground pipelines. Contact Atlantic Pipe Services today to schedule your appointment.

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